Pro handicappers share sports betting New Year's resolutions

Dec 31, 2013 |
Some of our Covers Experts wish they hadn't bet on the Texans in 2013.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
Some of our Covers Experts wish they hadn't bet on the Texans in 2013.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
It’s New Year’s resolution time. Some folks want to eat healthier while others plan on going to the gym more often. Our Covers Experts are no different.

They’ll likely continue eating terrible and ignoring the gym, but they do have some sports betting resolutions for 2014. They share those New Year’s resolutions with you before the clock strikes 12:00 on 2013.

Steve Merril – “I plan on focusing more on momentum in all sports. Play on teams that are hot and fade teams that are struggling, until I see a reversal or a change. Do not ask a bad team to break out of a slump and do not expect a hot team to cool off. Wait until I see visual confirmation that something has changed before going against a hot team or starting to back a cold team.”

Jesse Schule – “After a very profitable NHL season at the beginning of 2013, my fans on Facebook and Twitter started calling me ‘Iceman’, a title that I have since embraced. I haven't exactly done a great job living up to my reputation in the first few months of the current hockey season and turning that around is one of my top priorities in the New Year. If December is any indication, all signs point to a strong showing in 2014.”

Teddy Covers – “My New Year's resolution is pretty much the same every year: Pick more winners, Avoid more losers. Until I finish a year at 75 percent or higher across all sports, that's likely to be my New Years' resolution moving forward.”

Art Aronson – “I don't plan to change up too much of anything, other than I want to get more involved in playing Soccer, MMA and other sort of fringe sports. With World Cup 2014 arriving quickly, it's time to sharpen up my skills on the pitch.”

Nick Parsons – “To quit listening to other people's opinions. This is one area I need to strengthen. We all listen to the highlights the next day. We all listen to the talking heads on TV, the internet, Twitter and Facebook. But, as radio talk show host Jim Rome has pointed out many times over the course of his career, no coach, no ex-player, no expert knows sports the way that the oddsmakers in Las Vegas know sports. I'm guilty - as I'm sure we all are - of sometimes getting caught up listening to these people while formulating my final decisions on my selections. That ends in 2014.”

Marc Lawrence – “Quit trying to beat Peyton Manning each week. Finally give up on the Houston Texans. Stop betting on losing teams off a win and instead start betting on winning teams off a loss. Never use favorites with bad defenses. And finally, I will try to figure out why I really need nine e-mail addresses.”

Doc’s Sports –
“In pro football, we will look to avoid using teams for two straight weeks. Momentum is less prevalent in the NFL as every player is a pro, so we will try and avoid teams that are coming off a blowout victory in prior week where everything went right. Things will not likely happen like this for the next game, and the odds have likely over-adjusted.”
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