Unbelievable! 'Under' goes undefeated in Tues. MLB

Oct 3, 2012 |
By: Jon Campbell
One run. That's all Baltimore needed Tuesday night.
One run. That's all Baltimore needed Tuesday night.
The penultimate night of the major league baseball season turned out to be the ultimate night of the season for under bettors.

The under went an incredible 13-0-2 against the total with the only two pushes coming in the Angels-M’s and Mets-Marlins games. The Mets-Marlins contest even needed extra innings to reach the push.

According to our numbers, this is the most profitable night for under bettors in baseball going to back to at least 1999. Only twice since then has the under or the over gone undefeated on a day where more than six games were played and both occurrences happened in 2004. The under went 12-0-3 on June 20 that year and 11-0-1 on July 15 that year. The over's best undefeated record is 4-0 during that time period. 

The highest scoring game of the night was the Rockies-Diamondbacks, which saw only 8 runs scored and fell 1.5 runs shy of the 9.5-run total. Seven games saw a combined seven runs scored, while the lowest scoring game was the O’s-Rays, where Baltimore squeaked out a 1-0 victory in a contest that saw just four hits.

Cold weather plays a key factor this time of year, which can make it more difficult for the ball to carry. Teams are also giving less experienced players a chance to get in the lineup for the clubs with no hope of reaching the playoffs.

At the same time, teams trying to make the playoffs are throwing out their best pitchers and you’re likely to see fielders sacrificing more to make plays. All that said, you can see from the numbers it's a major fluke for this to happen.

Oddsmakers did what they could to limit the damage – the highest over/under on the board was 9.5 yesterday and seven games saw totals of either 7 or 7.5 runs.
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